Thursday, 3 December 2015


Taylor-Cropp barbless spear.  "The Search for a Shark Repellent era 1959-1962

Wally Gibbins cover shots (above). Tiger shark (left) from Sykes Reef ( Capricorn and Bunker Group 1963) - spotted first by John Gallagher. Larger 10 gauge shotgun powerhead euthanased specimen for 'scientific research' i.e. a powerhead could be used on large sharks successfully, if and when required, in defense. (Such as in a shipwreck lifeboat scenario - the Caucom Family Incident offshore Yeppoon, Qld comes to mind. No powerhead available in that tragedy where large Tiger sharks found a small drifting aluminium lifeboat with three occupants, possibly shouting at times, possibly urinating into the sea also, after a considerable time to evaluate any danger or hazard to them. tipped the vessel over in rough sea conditions then quickly 'took' two of the three occupants).

The single survivor was able to reveal these details.  A sudden storm had capsized their larger vessel.

The Grey Nurse picture did not give Wally a mention (a credit) inside the magazine. Probably at Long Reef, Sydney. Maybe an Allan Power picture.  (Shark has been speared).

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