Wednesday, 31 July 2013

1963 WITH WALLY GIBBINS (3 seconds)

The above screen shot is the opening of a scene that runs at 6.0 to 9.0 seconds in from the start.  In the above still shot John Gallagher (third from far right) adjusting his Bolex 16mm movie camera.  This three second sequence would be from Ron Taylor's 16mm camera.  This was Heron Island during the divers festival in November 1963.  Wally Gibbins ashore with an 11 foot Tiger shark brought back from Sykes Reef where he'd shot it with a 10 gauge powerhead (a larger cartridge size than a 12 gauge).

Longer same scene is also near the end of this French language sharks documentary  at 1.22.50 which was broadcast 24 September 2013.

New footage of sharks in slow motion.  See SHARKS DREAM: Marine videos - carefully chosen.  <Click

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